physical activity pyramid?, what is it

  • Maybe you've heard some people wondering, what good physical activity to be healthy and fit body? What type of exercise should be and how long will it last?

    Well, to answer these questions, basically there is not one type of exercise that provides all the health benefits. There are several types of physical activity you need to achieve a healthy and fit overall body. Do not be confused, the physical activity pyramid can explain what physical activity you actually need.
    What is a physical activity pyramid?

    Like food that has food pyramid, physical activity too. Physical activity also has a pyramid picture to explain the needs of the activities that each person actually needs.

    The physical activity pyramid is a picture that classifies physical activity based on four types and benefits.

    Each level of this pyramid includes one or two types of activities. Not just what kind of activity, the guide of this pyramid explains:

        How often one type of activity should be done per week.
        How hard (intensity) the exercise should be.
        How long the exercise is done in one session.

    Source: Corbin et al., 2008
    What are the parts of the physical activity pyramid?

    This activity pyramid describes several types of physical activity in each level. In general, there are three types of physical activity:

        Physical activity for endurance or endurance at level 2
        Physical activity for flexibility at level 3
        Physical activity for strength at level 3

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