How to Maintain Clarity in Your Essays

  • When writing any kind of college assignments, you will realize that you will be submitting your assignment to a reader or readers who are dealing with so many other essays and they would want to spend as little time as possible reading a single essay. You must, therefore, work hard to impress your readers by using a unique approach on the topic you are writing on. Not only this, but you must also bring about your ideas with clarity and conciseness, so you don’t give a chance for your readers to miss a thing.

    You must demonstrate to your readers that you can write as well as far as conveying the information is concerned. You will not achieve this if your readers can’t figure out what you are saying in your initial sentences or paragraphs, they might stop reading your essay, or if they read it entirely, they might as well not understand your message. Therefore, in order to enhance the readability, you must learn how you can write your essay clearly and accurately. Do not be ambiguous; avoid cases of ambiguous statements that your readers might find contradictory. Do not use words and phrases that convey a different meaning from what you have intended to pass across.

    Make sure you use modifiers thoughtfully; it will help you clarify your points as well as enhance meaning and originality to the paper. You need to use specific adjectives and adverbs therefore to achieve this. For instance, instead of saying; ‘my uncle put on a jacket,’ you can say ‘my uncle put on a leather jacket.’ The later sentence allows the readers to hear your “voice” and impressions and also gives them a picture that is more accurate and interesting of the action. You will look incompetent to your reader if you become stingy in giving enough details. If you practice using powerful adjectives and adverbs, you’ll be able to get your message delivered more accurately and in fewer words.

    Be concise such as you are going to lose points with your readers if you use five sentences to convey an idea that you could have expressed in one. Do not waste your precious time and space by being too wordy; you’ll appear too boring to your readers. Get rid of unnecessary words and phrases and use active voice as much as possible.

    Most importantly, eliminate any kind of repetition of ideas and information. Repetition is an indication of sloppy writing. Be keen to detect when you are repeating yourself, even if you have tried to vary each time slightly, it still remains to be repetition, and you should correct it. Also, check the way you use pronouns, use them only when their antecedents are obvious and meaningful.

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