Xinyu Enameled Wire Electrical Performance

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    A thin layer of enamelled paint film to ensure that the current through the core loop along the line to ensure that the electromagnetic induction motor and electrical appliances to play a role. If the dielectric properties of the film is not enough, it will cause the coil short circuit, so that electrical appliances scrapped.

    Enamelled wire resistance value is too large or too small to cause winding around the total resistance changes. The total resistance variation over the allowable tolerance in the design will affect the balance of the three-phase voltage of the motor and the temperature rise of the micromotor and cause difficulties in winding the instrument coil. The resistance of the wire is proportional to its length and inversely proportional to the cross section. Conductor impurity and toughness have an impact on the resistance.

    Under the action of a strong electric field, the bound electrons in the polymer can become free electrons by the energy in the electric field and move in the direction of the electric field. Free electrons in motion collide with other bound electrons, they are excited to become free electrons, so more and more free electrons and improve the polymer conductivity. When the electric field strength exceeds a certain value, a channel is formed in the polymer that passes between the two electrodes, causing the increasing current to pass therethrough, and the polymer loses its insulation and breaks down. The strength of the applied voltage at this time is called the breakdown voltage. When the voltage breakdown of the heat will make the polymer heat damage, and the phenomenon of melting charred.

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