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  • There are many good reasons to use copper wires, especially for safety reasons. You will find that copper wires are used in most electrical and electronic products and appliances. This is why it is one of the most widely used wires. Copper wires are still popular, although there are other kinds such as fiber optic cables. When you use copper wires, you can enjoy some important advantages.Today, xinyu brings you knowledge of enameled wire, such as Enameled Aluminum Wire, Enameled Copper Wire, etc.

    Copper is the preferred and main choice for the electrical industry because of its high electrical and thermal properties. In order to obtain the desired properties, non-alloyed high-purity copper is almost always used. This article discusses the basic principles of this selection and pays special attention to the principles of metallurgy.

    In recent years, considerable progress has been made to explain the electronic properties of precious metals (ie, copper, silver, and gold). These elements exhibit high electrical conductivity because their conductive electrons have relatively less resistance to movement under the electric field. In particular, copper is an excellent conductor because the outermost electrons have a large mean free path (about 100 atomic distances) between collisions. The resistivity is opposite to this average free path.

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