Overall Manual for Mining Stirring Tank

  • Super Crusher For Sale by the V-belt that is driven the impeller, which is including mixing medicine and mash. It is the essential machine of increasing the affecting time and strengthening the medicine quality, which is suitable to the concentrating process and the chemical industry mixing. Features of Agitation Vat: 1 Cement Mixer 2 Heavy duty cement mixer 3 Sturdy and durable 4 Electric Motor with CE certificate Working Principle of Mixing Barrel: The whole working process of mixing barrel is depending on multiple parameters, and it is impossible to describe a mixer only by relying on the technological parameter.. Shaft power, paddle drainage volume, pressure head, paddle diameter and rotating rate are the main parameters. Under certain power and paddle pattern, the paddle drainage volume and pressure head can be differed by adjusting the paddle diameter and rotating rate. Attentions of Operation Stirring Tub: 1. Stirring tub should be fixed on the flat place, and the two wheels are lined by square timber in order to avoid the machine moving when it is started up. 2. The operator should pay attention to the leakage protection, so stirring tub should be checked carefully before being started up. 3. The rotation direction of the mixing drum should be identical with the instruction. 4. To check the drive clutch, brake, wire rope, pulley, and the each part lubrication is necessary in the working process, and to make sure the Agitation Tank working with high reliability and flexibility. 5. The operator should regularly check the machine if the blades bent or if the screws looses. pays much more attention to the researching and upgrading of mining machines, which makes a difference in the process. Those machines are praised by domestic and foreign users. At the same time, our company produces and supplies ore mixer, which will not let you down.