Four fundamental student success secrets

  • My life as a student has been one long journey that has always inspired me despite the many twists and turns that I encountered. At that time, all students in my neighborhood and even school district had school-related challenges that included learning difficulties that resulted mainly from late enrollment, financial constraints, and insecurity. Thus, it was not easy to make out of such neighborhoods and be a well-educated person. Here, are five things that defined my success and efficiently helped me while studying.


    This is a virtue that has always been my pillar in both academic and non-academic aspects. During my high school days, I always wanted to teach students at higher levels, and that desire drove me to work hard regardless of all the obstacles that stood in my way. I did not care if my mother could afford to pay my college fees or not.  I did my part by studying hard, and I always believed there would be away when the time comes. I passed well and was awarded a position in one of the leading universities n my home country. Furthermore, I won a partial scholarship from an NGO that was working to improve the education standards of children from disadvantaged homes. Well, my success came from the power of positive thinking which I normally regard as my guardian angel. As a student, many obstacles will be staged against you.  What matters most, is whether you’re determined to overcome your problems or not.  From there, answers will keep coming to you even in ways that you do not expect.


    Respect is among the most admirable values that a human being can have. I exercised it a lot during my school days and never at any single time was I If you respect others, they will respect and honor you in return.  Practice respecting other people including your teachers, parents, authorities and fellow students, and your life will be very easy.

     Work part-time

    In my life, I knew that I couldn’t get everything from parent and as such, I spent some time helping a neighbor at his store in the evenings after school. I was paid about five hundred shillings a week. This was enough to buy me a new pair of shoes and jeans.  I was happy to be able to earn some money for myself. Later on, I began working on online projects for university students which enable me to earn even more money to the extent that I could save the surplus.  Therefore, if you understand that your family cannot give you all the cash that you need, then you should ensure that you dedicate some little time for raising additional funds.

    Use online writing assistance

    It can be very hard if you’re trying to study, complete assignments and at the same time work part-time. As such, it is possible to get frustrated if you have too much work that you cannot handle within the set timeframes. As a result, it is important for you to seek professional writing help. In order to be assisted, send your ‘write my paper’ request to your preferred writing company. Personally, I utilized online paper help for all my term papers, and the results that I got were amazing. Therefore, do not be stressed by extra class work that you may be having. Just seek assistance from experts.

    Studying at a college can be quite challenging and complicating. However, if you have an effective approach, you will be able to overcome any difficulties and succeed in you studying. Thus, do not give up and find the best option for yourself.

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