Translation: We've done all we could

  • Translation: We've done all we could, but it really doesn't mean much. Being locked in a first round bye isn't any given from the AFC, and we all have to have healthy and appear and beat the hell away from Houston. "Tough" and "physical" are backhanded compliments from the way, simply because're not really good. Remember when folks wanted us to sign Ryan Mallett? Oh man (laughs)...
    How you think Tyler Eifert is progressing Madden Overdrive Coins when blocking?
    "From the initial day of his rookie year, I knew he was gonna be an extremely very good professional brand of scrimmage blocker. He's continued to perform that and grow from that, understanding that's been the exciting part. We knew he could do all of the things inside passing game, even so the fact that she's a large man that does a fantastic job within the line of scrimmage is nice."
    Translation: Pretty damn good! Hell, he's even caught a touchdown or two, oh wait, three, at the same time!
    The counter plays are another tool inside arsenal?
    "Yes. He has gotten a whole lot of just work Madden Overdrive Coins for sale at that. That was his main work there during his rookie year as well as camp 12 months after, so he's been as situation a great deal."
    This isn't a translation: I literally do not have idea who or what he could be talking about. Is he still discussing Eifert? Or is he referring to either Jeremy Hill or Giovani Bernard without saying their names. He's playing the pronoun game and when his goal ended up being totally lose me, she has succeeded. Well done, Marvin.