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  • 3 NFL playoff sleepers that aren’t getting any offseason hypeThere’s no such thing as being a playoff sleeper in today’s NFL. Between the parity that makes one-year rebuilds possible in addition to the obsessive year-round coverage the league receives, surprises just aren’t as that surprising anymore. That makes selecting playoff sleepers — true playoff sleepers — a far more Madden Mobile Coins difficult task. We jump over 49ers' and Bears' hype trains for that moment to pick some deep sleepers.
    1 Player on Every NFL Team Who Will Disappoint in 2018Injuries typically takes an extraordinary player producing very ordinary. That's precisely what happened to DeSean Jackson within his first season when using the Buy Madden Mobile Coins Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The speedy receiver has been impacted by chemistry complications with quarterback Jameis Winston, who struggled when getting him the ball on deep passes when he was in the field.