In an nearly date CJ (Cincy Jungle) poll

  • In an nearly date CJ (Cincy Jungle) poll, I asked if the equal punishment between Henderson and Whitworth was (a) fair, (b) total crap. Of 102 voters, two said what sort of fine was fair.
    Other than winning to shield yourself from an 0-9 start, any alternative significance Madden Overdrive Coins was last Sunday's win inside Jacksonville Jaguars? It was Ryan Fitzpatrick's first career win as as a starting quarterback after going 0-7 in her first seven career starts.
    Even I  hate it when I make this happen. The Bengals rushing defense has allowed yards rushing per game this year (25th in the NFL). But if sign up for your 229 yards rushing capable to your Ravens, the 198 yards rushing within Buy Madden Overdrive Coins the Cowboys plus the 177 yards towards Titans, the Bengals average dips to 106.5 yards rushing per game.