Sunday's Game Between Bengals And Steelers Is 40th Anniversary

  • As if next Sunday's game was without enough meaning the way is, there's somewhat bit extra spice going without running sneakers. "The Immaculate Reception", one about the most famous plays in NFL, will celebrate its 40th anniversary after the Steelers and Bengals face off for getting a playoff correct Sunday. NFL Films has labeled it the most play in NFL history.
    In case you're too young or haven't cared enough to think about, the play took place Madden NFL Mobile Coins inside a AFC Divisional playoff game on December 23rd, 1972 relating on the Steelers along together with the Raiders. After creating a 7-6 lead late in the game, the Steelers were right down with a last-gasp try and win the adventure on a fourth a ten play. Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw a pass that has been deflected by way of any Raiders defender and plucked by fellow Hall of Fame running back, Franco Harris. The play ended with Harris scampering on an unlikely touchdown which catapulted the Steelers with the victory, but it surely also included much controversy. To this day, the play is at question on if Harris actually made the issue or otherwise.
    We're uncertain what, if something, this occasion will mean towards squads of 2012, nonetheless it's sure being referenced for that telecast and likely at Heinz Field likewise. It's possible that may atart exercising . needed emotional Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins fuel for a Steelers team containing their backs resistant for the wall. Then again, it might do nothing with the person team doesn't imply bring nostalgia for loyal legion of fans.
    Regardless, don't bring inside the play or its anniversary around John Madden.